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Работы английского художника Myles Birket Foster

Некоторые из работ английского художника Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899).

A market day on the Giudecca Venice

A view of Old Town and Waverley Bridge from Princes Street Edinburgh

An eel fisherman on the Thames

Children paddling in а stream

eel pots on the banks of a rive

Fugures and children beneath a tree in a village

Loading the hay barges with a young woman taking water

Melrose abbey from the banks of the tweed

St Marks and the Ducal Palace from San Giorgio Maggiore

Birket tea time

A highland burn Balmacara near Kyle of Lochalsh

Birket the posy

Birket the for

San Giorgio Maggiore Venice

The Shepherds Rest
Tags: живопись

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