bodybuilder2007 (bodybuilder2007) wrote,

Russian gifts for good mood

Russia is a very beautiful country, I think. There are many beautiful places in Russia, especially in the city of Moscow and some other big cities. I like beautiful Russian girls who are walking streets so smiley and happy. This large unknown country seems often so mysterious that some foreigners try to observe all that miracles - such great as a blue sky and such complicated as the depths of the sea. Whenever you try to observe it - it's very hospitable land because of people. But take my advice. Everything is simple. The best thing for good mood is russian gifts - for yourself and for your friends. For example, nesting dolls - the most popular Russian souvenir, a real work of art with a great history. Each artists' rendition of the Matryoshka Dolls, with their unique, hand painted design - is an amazing gift for those who love and appreciate art, history, and culture.
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